Triton Legend

Picture of Mr. Triton

Mariners’ Fightin’ Triton

The Legend


Myths filled the fibers of ancient beliefs. No star shone in the skies, no cloud veiled the sun, no wind filled the sails, and no waters swirled near the shore without legendary tales to fill the imagination.

So, Mariners Triton was born. Son of the mighty Poseidon, the near mortal Triton emerged from the tumultuous surf. His powerful torso tensed for an encounter with any who dared step forth. Triton’s protective ability to transform from one being to many made him a formidable foe. His trident enabled rapid transfer of thought and power to oceanic creatures and the surrounding waters.

 Seagoing men of old looked to Triton to calm raging seas. The Argonauts beseeched him to aid them in navigating safe routes and calm the waters of the great Deluge. Triton served as a benefactor to the Trojans and mercifully called back to the storm to unleash on them by Juno.

 So too is he transformed from calm to terrible. With his enormous strength, he blows the conch which bellows during devastating storms. A mere breath churns air currents toward tempestuous rage. As gigantic waves curl and crash against the beach, Triton’s mighty forms roil beneath the seething waters, his curling serpentine tail fueling his motion.

 As his father’s favorite son, the entire ocean and surrounding shores became his abode. He was formed in the colors of the Greeks:

Silver – the color most precious and

Black – the color most powerful

Mariners Fightin’ Triton uniqueness to be reckoned with!


Mrs. Michelle McNerney

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