Student Government Association (SGA)

Advisor: Tom Scheuermann

SGA Logo

President:  Ariana Cruz

Vice-President:  Ashley Cruz


Secretary:  Marley Lynch

Class Coordinator:  Haley Gamez

What does the SGA do?

SGA over sees all class officers and is there to assist them by:

  • Promoting students' rights and responsibilities
  • Address student concerns
  • Facilitate cooperation between students, faculty and administration
  • Encourage school pride


SGA oversees elections of class officers and if necessary removes class officers upon the request of sponsors. All SGA officers and class officers must sign and abide by an ethics contract covering in and out of school expectations. Minimum GPA for SGA is 3.0 and 2.75 for class officers. SGA officers are automatically removed from office if they receive a referral; class officers are not.


SGA is in charge of the entire homecoming week except the dance. Both the homecoming and prom courts are solicited/nominated and elected by SGA. SGA is funded by the homecoming powder puff football ticket sales which usually cover the $1000 homecoming expenses. We do not conduct fundraisers.


Meetings occur as needed and are open to all students/faulty ect. They are announced by Twitter @MarinerTritons.