Congratulations to the Mariner Leadership Academy  Triton Drill Team who competed at the Nationals all Services Drill Competition Mixed Masters , Daytona  Florida. They finished  4th in the Nation overall, the competition included Drill teams from all services JROTC , an incredible achievement, the best of the best was there in full force. The Tritons  competed in  7 areas; Exhibition Platoon , Squad Exhibition, Armed Platoon Regulation Commanders Trophy, Platoon Regulation, Color Guard inspection , Color Guard, 2 Individual Solos, 1  Duel Exhibition.



National ranking : 4th Place in the Nation out of 210 teams!


Trophies Awarded

Exhibition Platoon   2nd Place in the Nation

Squad Exhibition  3rd Place in the Nation Armed Platoon Regulation Commanders Trophy,  3rd Place in the Nation


Please help me congratulate these Tritons


Bradstreet, Brandon

Amendt, Kayla

Colman, Christopher

Darr, Kayla

Covell, Dylan

Harris, Kennedy

Covell, Kevin

Miller, Ashleyann

DiSalvio, Zachary

Pozo, Marilyn

Gasper Marquez

Teague, Madaline

Nutter, Bret

Trueblood, Allyson

Schoelkoph, Bryce

Williams, Alyssa