Hall Pass Process for 2017-18

Hall Pass Process

At the start of the 2017-18 school year students will be given training on the use of CASTLE as it pertains to hall passes.  Requesting a hall pass is the students’ responsibility.  Students will be given two hall passes per day.  A student who leaves the classroom MUST:

  • Ask for teacher permission to leave classroom.
  • CASTLE out of class by logging into Castle on his/her Chromebook. The correct time the student left the classroom will appear on screen and begin a timer.
  • NOT use electronic devices (cell phones, IPods, headphones, games, etc.) at any time while out of classroom.

 A student who returns to the classroom MUST:

  • CASTLE in to class upon return so that Castle can stop timer and track student back in class.
  • Must have a signed pass with the date and time if returning from the Clinic, Main Office, Media Center, or another teacher.