Becoming a Student Athlete (check list and paperwork)

1. Athletic Paperwork is available online at Paperwork must be completed in full and signed by a parent/guardian in the presence of a notary. There is a notary available at Mariner High School for your convenience from 7am-2:30pm during the regular school year. There is no charge for this service. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR A FLORIDA NOTARY TO NOTARIZE A PAPER THAT IS NOT COMPLETELY FILLED OUT.

2. In order to abide by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) which regulates interscholastic sports in Florida, every student must turn in a birth certificate before competing in interscholastic sports for the first time at Mariner High School.

3. Every athlete must have accident insurance. If you do not have insurance, please come to the Athletic Office to obtain a School Insurance application. Please be aware that the school insurance policies, including football insurance are limited. They usually cover less than 50% of the total medical cost.

The athletic office is here to assist you in becoming a Triton athlete; however, we cannot do your work. Make sure that all of your paperwork is completely and properly filled out. If it is not, it will be returned to you!! Athletes are not permitted to participate, even practice or condition (including summer workouts), unless all paperwork (including physical exam) is turned in.

Keep up your grades!! If you need help, please see your coach!!!!!!


  • Transferred to Mariner after attending another high school? Please contact the Athletic Director immediately.
  • Filled in all information for Part 1
  • Filled in Insurance Information for Part 3, Section G
  • Has Part 4 been signed by both student and Parent/Guardian
  • Has Parent/Guardian signed bottom of Form in front of Notary
  • Has Parent/Guardian & Student read and signed Pages 2, 3 & 4 of the EL3
  • Has the Student viewed the “Concussion in Sports-What you Need to Know” video located at
  • Filled in and signed the Medical History on the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form
  • Using the form required by the FHSAA provided in this packet undergone a pre-participation physical evaluation and been certified as being physically fit for participation in interscholastic athletics. The physical evaluation is valid for 365 calendar days from the date that it was administered after which time you must successfully undergo another physical evaluation to continue your participation.
  • Confirmed the Physical is signed and dated
  • Turned in a copy of athlete’s Birth Certificate (if the first time trying out for a sport at Mariner)
  • Verified your GPA
  • Filled in the Athletic Emergency Card and had Parent sign it


Sports at Mariner

Sports offered at Mariner High School are listed below. For any and all information regarding the below sports please contact our athletic office at (239) 772.2907 above or email our Athletic Director at [email protected].

Fall Season

  • Football
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Cross Country (boys & girls)
  • Golf (boys & girls)
  • Swimming & Diving (boys & girls)
  • Sideline Cheerleading
  • Bowling (boys & girls)

Winter Season

  • Soccer (boys & girls)
  • Basketball (boys & girls)
  • Wrestling
  • Sideline Cheerleading

Spring Season

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Track & Field (boys & girls)
  • Tennis (boys & girls)

Coach List

Coach List (2017-18 Coaches TBD)

Room #
Basketball - Boys
Basketball - Girls
Bowling - Boys
Bowling - Girls
Cross Country
Golf - Boys
Golf - Girls
Soccer - Boys
Soccer - Girls
Swimming - Boys/Girls
Tennis - Boys
Tennis - Girls
Track/Field - Boys. 
Track/Field - Girls
Weightlifting - Boys
Weightlifting - Girls